Introducing authors – Maria V. Snyder

Maria V. Snyder is one of my favourite authors – I love her writing style, the character development and the storylines in all of her books. So I want to introduce her and her work to you, so that you hopefully decide to read her books as well.

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and still lives there. Writing was not her first career choice; she has a degree in meteorology and had planned on pursuing a career in that area when she discovered that writing is a lot more fun. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in fiction writing, she became a full-fledged author.

For each of her books she did extensive research – taking lessons in glass blowing, riding, lock-picking and fencing to have a better understanding how things work or what is realistic in her stories. There are not many authors who do as much as she does and I respect that very much.

So far, she has written:

Study Trilogy – consisting of Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study

Glass Trilogy – consisting of Storm Glass, Sea Glass and Spy Glass

Inside Out and Outside in

Healer Trilogy – Touch of Power and Scent of Magic, this trilogy is not finished yet.

There are also several short stories to read.

To learn more about this brilliant author and her work, visit her website at


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